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Bob Marley

Bob Marley Cigarette Papers

Bob Marley Rolling Papers, Bob Marley Cigarette Papers,Fine the best Bob Marley Rolling Papers, Bob Marley Cigarette Papers at LWCH

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Bob Marley Rolling Papers

Bob Marley Rolling Papers are made from Pure Hemp insuring a slow and long burn. A paper slip folded in with the leaves reminds you when you're running low. One single pack contains 33 rolling papers.

These Bob Marley rolling papers are completely tree free. These Bob 1.25 size papers come in 15 different designs and 10 different quotations. Order these papers individually and we'll send you a variation of what's in stock at the time of purchase. Rolling papers are small sheets or leaves of paper that are sold for the purpose of rolling one's own cigarettes by hand or with the use of a rolling machine. Rolling your own cigarettes has become a popular choice among smokers for a variety of reasons.

Bob Marley Cigarette Papers may feature the name of the legend that is Bob Marley but how does that translate to the quality. The papers are available in king size and regular, allowing for any use that you may have. They are made from 100% bleached hemp paper with each packet featuring a quote or lyric from the great man himself. 

The famous king-size rolling papers from Smoking in a Bob Marley design.  These are the king-size, long version of the Bob Marley rolling papers.

The Bob Marley Cigarette papers are the normal, king-size version from the Smoking King-size series. There are plenty of choices available to the joint enthusiast when it comes to rolling papers.For those who prefer to smoke only cannabis and for those who care about sustainable farming practices one of the best choices is Bob marley cigarette papers.

The Marley papers, which come in 1-1/4 width (like a Job 1.25), come with attention to the right details.The papers, made in Spain, come with natural gum glue, and the wraps come with a generous 50 leaves to the pack rather than the standard 32 leaves.  

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