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Job Rolling Papers Online

Job Rolling Papers, Job Rolling Papers Online,Job Cigarette Papers

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Job Rolling Papers

JOB rolling papers are a popular brand of cigarette paper produced by Republic Tobacco in Perpignan, France. JOB rolling papers have a long and illustrious history dating back to 1838, To this day JOB still manufactures their papers in France. JOB rolling papers were created when a French craftsman named Jean Bardou came up with the idea for a booklet of rolling papers made of thin, pure rice paper. The booklets were a success and Bardou's trademark, the initials "JB" separated by a diamond, became such a common sight that people began referring to them as JOB, thus the brand-name was born.

We carry a wide selection of Job Rolling Papers at RollingPaperDepot. Rolling papers are small sheets or leaves of paper that are sold for the purpose of rolling one's own cigarettes by hand or with the use of a rolling machine. Rolling your own cigarettes has become a popular choice among smokers for a variety of reasons.

Job Cigarette Papers are an often overlooking part of smoking weed, but picking the right one can make for a much better experience, and take you one step closer to bliss.

Choosing a decent rolling papers is a lot trickier than it used to be. Long gone are the days where the only option was the standard tobacco rolling papers from your local shop. Trying to choose can be quite overwhelming, especially for something that should seemingly be so simple. It can result in many tokers simply sticking with the first brand they ever try.

Job rolling paper are ideal for those who like slow burning, natural paper. There are no chemicals involved in their production, and the use experience than other rolling papers out there. These are also has a patented crisscross watermark throughout the paper, to slow the burn down even further and is folded at the side rather than the middle, to make for easier rolling.

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