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Corner Stone Filtered Cigars

Corner Stone Filtered Cigars

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Corner Stone Filtered Cigars

Corner Stone Filtered Cigars are cut expenses from your tobacco budget. Cornerstone filtered cigars are available in five robust flavors, with both packs and cartons to choose from. You can find your preferred flavor and the amount you need to keep fully supplied. Whether you are trying Corner Stone Filtered Cigars for the first time, you are a loyal customer or you are trying flavored cigars for the first time, the flavors will enthrall your taste buds and your wallet will love the prices.

Blackstone Cherry Cigars were introduced in 1997. They have pipe tobacco as primary filler with a homogenized wrapper. Blackstone Cigars come in different sizes like the well know Cigars.

Black stone cherry cigars are mild, aromatic made with a superior blend of pipe tobaccos especially created for use in cigars. Blackstone Cigars is a great cigar with an excellent taste and aroma and best of all they are very accessible when it comes to the price.

Available in Cherry or Vanilla flavors, Blackstone cigars are considered some of the best machine-made cigars on the market today. The Cherry flavor, with its unique blend of sweet taste and pleasing tobacco aroma, makes for a great pick-me-up when done for the day at the office or after a tough day working around the house.

Blackstone Tipped Cherry Cigars are machine-made with a plastic tip that protects the users from excessive heat, and allows for a more even draw.

No other online tobacco retailer in the nation beats our prices on filtered cigars. With all the best brands and a wide selection of tobacco products, we make it easy to save money and enjoy your favorite products. Filtered cigars are lighter and thinner than regular cigars, making them easier to smoke and bring with you anywhere. Filtered cigars supply the same bold tobacco taste and mellow relaxation, with a fraction of the price.

Using only the finest homegrown tobacco from various parts of the United States, these cigars continue to deliver an amazing taste and aroma time after time. If you appreciate a sweet and mellow flavor while experiencing a slow, even burn that lets you truly experience each and every puff, then Blackstone cigars are the perfect choice.

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