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Swisher Sweets Filtered Cigars

Swisher Sweets Filtered Cigars

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Swisher Sweets Filter Tip Cigars

If you want to try something different the next time you have a cigarette break, you should consider buying a pack of Swisher Sweet Filtered Cigars. If you are a smoker, you have probably heard of the Swisher brand of cigars. These flavored cigars are manufactured by Swisher International a company that was founded in 1861 by David Swisher in Jacksonville, Florida.

Swisher Sweet Cigars have different kinds such as the Swisher Sweets Original, BLK, Little Cigars, and Swisher Sweets Filter Tip Cigars.

The good thing about this brand of cigars is that they come in many flavors. Most tobacco companies only offer one or two flavors—regular and menthol. There are many Swisher Sweets flavors to choose from such as grape, strawberry, peach, cherry, blueberry, chocolate, tequila, menthol, original, mild, and smooth. It’s just like choosing a flavor for your candy. The most popular Swisher Filtered Cigars flavors are strawberry and grape. You can try these two flavors first before you try the others to see why many people love them. However, you need to remember that not all of these flavors are offered in tobacco shops and gas stations. You may have a hard time finding some of the flavors, like the unique Swisher Sweets in tequila flavor.

Before you purchase a box or pack of Swisher filter cigars you should first know the current Swisher Sweets prices of different Swisher Sweets products. Other factors that affect Swisher Sweets prices are shipping and the shop where you are going to buy the cigars.

When there just isn’t a lot of time to enjoy a cigar, Swisher Sweets Filter tip Cigars come to the rescue. Mild, sweet tasting and wholly satisfying, these filter tip cigars are made in the U.S. with a secret blend of quality tobaccos and special flavorings. Its affordable price makes it even better

The flavors they offer are known for their sweetness and rich smoke. These are perfect for folks that desire a flavorful smoking experience

Swisher Sweets Cigar is one of the largest machine-made cigar manufacturers in the world. Located in the United States, these cigars combine the finest tobaccos sourced from both inside and outside our borders. Famous for their smooth and consistent burn, these high quality cigars and cigarillos come in a huge variety of flavors.

Almost every flavor and packaging of Swisher Sweet cigar come in more affordable Pre-Priced options. These packs have the exact same cigars but are manufactured specifically for retail and convenient stores. The catch, you have to deal with a sticker on the outside wrapper.

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