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Hav A Tampa Little Cigars

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Hav A Tampa Cigar

Since 1902 the Hav-A-Tampa Cigar  has been the go to cigar for mild smokers throughout the United States. Hav-A-Tampa little cigar is a sweet filter tipped cigar.

Hav-A-Tampa Cigars  are the world's largest selling wood-tipped cigar. Beloved by smokers the world over, these cigars are outfitted with distinctive wood tips that help to provide the cool taste and mellow flavor that they are known for.

Hav-A-Tampa stems from a long line of machine made cigars. it is a great inexpensive alternative to the premium hand-rolled cigars available today.

The brand represents the largest wood-tipped cigar product in the world. It burns with the distinctive sweet smell of wood courtesy of the unique tip. The leading Hav-A-Tampa brand is called the Jewels and like no other cigar on the market today, smokers say.

Hav-A-Tampa Jewels are the top seller in the line. The orange box with fashionable lady is the gateway to fine smoking, many say. Tobacco stays put in the tightly rolled wrapper. A plastic tip keeps tobacco from getting in the mouth and filters the smoke evenly. It burns smoothly creating sweet smelling plumes of smoke that are aromatic and mild, not harsh at all. The burn is magnificent as it quickly smokes down to the tip.

These cigars come in different sizes and flavors like the Hav-A-Tampa Jewels that come in: Black & Gold, Jewels, Sweet, and Vanilla, and the Hav-A-Tampa Little Cigars that come in: Regular and Sweet.

Have - A - Tampa Little Cigars are perfect for smokers of mild cigars. These small cigars are made by machine and are filled with a unique blend of Dominican and Honduran tobaccos. The natural wrappers and the homogenized binders give these cigars a firm body and a consistent flavor. These cigars stand out from other regular cigars on account of their distinct honey-flavored wood tips which help in giving you a smoothness and a refined sweetness in each drag. If you want a smoke that is light and relaxing then these Tempa little cigars are a great choice. 

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