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Good Times Little N Wild Cigars

Little N Mild Cigars Online

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Little N Mild Cigars

Little N Mild cigars offer cigar fans the taste and sense of luxury they would have with smoking a pope without the extra time and effort of pipe-smoking. With a variety of sizes, Little N Mild Cigars has always been in tune with the different needs and wants of its cigar smokers.

The plastic or wood tips at the end also make it easier for cigar aficionados to smoke without worry. They do not need to break off the tip to get started. The filtered tip makes things simple.

Smokers can find the Little N Mild cigars as singles, in packs of five or boxes of 25. There is something to please someone with the wide range of aromas, which include original, cream, apple, wine, dark blend, cherry, mild, jazz and many more .

The convenience and ease of the Little N Mild cigars makes it ideal for gatherings where those participating want to pack light yet still get in a good smoking session with friends.

The wrapper for these cigars is made from homogenized tobacco leaf. This means tobacco leaves, stems and other parts of the plant are processed into a kind of paper to wrap the cigar. This allows the cigar to burn at a higher temperature than normal. The pipe tobacco inside is much milder than typical cigar tobacco. The taste is also almost sweet even when unflavored. Another difference is that the smoke from the cigars has a sweet odor.

Little N Mild cigars are a good choice for people who want a smooth draw with some slightly sweet notes. Anyone who is just starting to explore cigars or who is used to pipe tobacco might also like these cigars.

Little and Mild Pack  Compare to Black & Mild, only a smoother and less sweet Cigar. Try it once, you will love the taste and the savings. This cigar is as close as it can be to Black & Mild by the testimony of most consumers who tested it. This 25 Upright box has 25 Tip cigars. It is a great deal for consumers and retailers as well.

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